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About Us We are a small studio providing web site design and development services. We are laid back but we are very serious about the work we do. We provide web design services, linux, apache and windows hosting services, domain registration, transfer and forwarding services, along with other related web services. Our History Over 20 years ago we experimented with bright green and blue, and animated gifs to capture visitors attention. Now that 'state of the art' design is only amateur design and just won't make the grade. The internet has expanded from an educational research tool into a trillion dollar commercial tool! In 1990, 1 person out of every 100 people was using the internet. As of 2002, 55 of every 100 people are using the intenet! In 2005, 6.5 Billion of the World Population used the Internet, as of 2013 there were 7.1 Billion users of the Internet. No longer can the major corporations, nor the mom-and-pop businesses, afford not to have a web presence. Goals To function as an effective moneymaking tool, your site must be attractive but also easy and intuitive to use. We'll create a new site from scratch or update your current web site. We strive to collect information for short term and long term goals to enable you to manage your time and investment. Websites are more than just pictures and text; they are a integration of technology, marketing, entertainment and information. Sites ought to be designed to serve both the user and the site's owners. For this reason we provide end-to-end solutions, from design, to content management and programming, to hosting; all to meet your Website development needs. Planning Maybe all you need is a Single-Page Site? Single-Page design works if you don’t have much content, but just want to showcase your company, product or work. It can save time and cost because you don’t need to build the CMS (Contact Management System) and there is no need to build your own customized templates. In other words, it’s perfect for start-up businesses. Technology Designing web-sites is an interactive and detailed process, starting from firming up a client's web strategy, choosing the right user interface and graphics, to applying the appropriate software/hardware technology to achieve web objectives. In fact, a lot of unique scripting and lots of flash is totally unnecessary. Consider that some browsers don't support all technology advances, and many people intentionally turn off browser capabilities for security reasons. Use technology only when it makes sense as part of the content. Some of the most popular sites are simple and traightforward. Maintenance Since technology is always changing and improving, your initial choices requires special consideration prior to creating a web site. Your selection of features, software and coding will influence, not only your initial investment and time, but also the amount of time, effort and costs of updating your web site in the future. Make web maintenance an area of special consideration and importance prior to development and design. For example, create a balance when making pages rich with graphics and consider the time necessary for loading the page. Budget Web design primarily depends on development and turn-around time, budget, scalability, and your future goals and plans for expansion of your web site. Today's standards generally requires all new web sites to have some kind of database design and development; whether it's a commercial database or just a guest list. Details You may need someone to assist you in creating and writing copy or content for your site. This is generally information the client is expected to supply, along with a few images and logos. Do you have Content, images and a Logo? Do you have a domain name registered, hosting arranged, email accounts, certificates? These are some items you may need assistance with to 'get you up and running'. Perhaps 'Live Chat Service' is not exactly what you need, after all. These are details to consider...a web presence is more than just a simple design. We provide these services and also have a network to provide specialized services if required. Most importantly, we provide the services and expertise to organize and deliver a full package so you can experience your Web Presence as scheduled. Mutual Aspirations Our goal is to provide you with a uniform and professional look to your site and give credibility to the information it contains. This includes special consideration for the navigational structure, adding a visual aspect to the message while providing users with a clear sense of value. Web-Design-Commerce.Com strives to create an online environment that directs while captivating your users attention. Consultations After your first Free Consultation (for the first hour), services are billed at $50/hr which is waived if you sign a contract with Web-Design-Commerce.Com for services, such as web design or maintenance. General Web Design Generally, a Starter Web Site or One-Page Site starts at $300 and range to $600. If you are interested in Growing A Site, pages generally start at $50 per hour and Managing a Site starts at $50 per hour. Actual costs may vary based on the size and scope of your project, along with your desired needs, goals and aspirations. Please Contact Us to discuss your individual needs. Customized payment terms are available. Contact Us for a free project analysis.

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