Sep 23 2021

Rooms at the B & B

The Tavern House Bed & Breakfast Rooms

Tavern House Bed & Breakfast Garden View in BloomOur rooms are quiet, intimate and very comfortable. Each has a unique personality and atmosphere with a number of features, such as a fireplace, high sitting four-poster beds and historically restored to their original paint colors of the 1700s.

If you seek peace and tranquility, you have found the Bed and Breakfast which best provides these qualities, accommodations and atmosphere in Vienna, Maryland.

If you desire television, telephone or internet access, these are available upon request. These items are intentionally not routinely provided in the rooms so as to provide you an escape from technology and avoidance from the rush and stress of modern civilization!

The River Room

The River Room has a view of the Nanticoke River and features a four-poster double bed with a fireplace typical of the 1700s.

This quiet room is one of our Guests favorite with the morning sun rising to start the day and a view of nature’s display along the Nanticoke River.

Hanna’s Room

Hanna's Room
Hanna’s Room

This room also features a fireplace and a double bed with a step stool for easier access to this high sitting bed.

Its the favorite room of Bed and Breakfast owner, Elise Altergott, because the sun doesn’t rise so early through the south facing windows.

For those who seek to sleep longer than they usually do in the mornings, this may be the room for you.

The Rum Room

The Rum Room's Four Poster
The Rum Room’s Four Poster

Why ‘The Rum Room’? The Tavern House was originally an Inn with lodging for travelers. This room features original floor boards, as do all the rooms in this circa 1700s dwelling, have stains from barrels which we think were used to store rum!

This room has windows with a northern exposure and a pleasant view of the Nanticoke River.

Featuring a four-poster double bed, this room has the original bright blue color and plaster walls.

The Garden Room

Bright, cheerful and very warm. The walls are finished in a bright, flowered wall paper and furnished with two brass-finished twin beds.

Though a bit of an effort to get into these high sitting beds, you will be wrapped in comfort in this cheerful room.

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Reservations & Information

We really did retire, again! We are no longer providing Bed & Breakfast.
Thank you for all the years of friendship, hospitality & adventures!

Elise & Harvey Altergott
Former Inn Keepers of ‘The Tavern House Bed & Breakfast’
Formerly of: 111 Water St, Vienna, MD 21869

If you are interested in purchasing the TavernHouse.Com Domain please call (302) 604-7182.