Oct 20 2021

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Paddle & Pedal

Blackwater Paddle & Pedal Adventures

Dorchester County has been referred to as the everglades of Maryland, surrounded by 1,700 miles of unspoiled shoreline. Hear the fish jump, the birds sing and the sounds of nature that take you from the rush of a fast paced life to the relaxing retreat you deserve.


Town of Vienna, Maryland

A historic cross roads village dating from early colonial times, the town has managed to preserve much of its charm and quiet lifestyle for over three centuries…”

The Nanticoke River Watershed

View Of the Nanticoke River Watershed from the Tavern House Entry 2014

“When Captain John Smith explored the rivers of the Chesapeake Bay in 1608, he discovered the gentle, meandering Nanticoke River…named the river for the Native Americans who lived nearby.

The 725,000-acre Nanticoke watershed supports a wide variety of plant and animal species, including more rare plants than any other landscape on the Delmarva Peninsula…

An estimated 20 percent of the watershed has been protected though the work of the Conservancy and its partners. The Conservancy’s Nanticoke preserves in Maryland and Delaware encompass 1,695 acres alone, and our work with partners continues as we strive to protect an additional 50,000 acres by 2015.  The watershed features an especially wide range of high-quality brackish and freshwater tidal wetlands.”

Visit The Nature Conservatory’s site to learn more… Visit the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance for even more information and progress in conserving the River’s watershed.


Shad Festival

Photo courtesy Fish & Wildlife JournalNo longer held, the Annual Nanticoke River Shad Festival, was usually held during the last week of April. You use to see and sample delicious planked shad prepared using the traditional method. Events in the past included Nanticoke River boat rides, children’s activities & games, raffle, fish toss competition, fish printing, educational exhibits, art & craft exhibits, historical artifacts and a touch tank!

Traditional cooking of Shad, shad planking, started early. The Chicon Ruritan Club started the fires at about four a.m. to get the coals needed to bake/smoke the Shad. The fish was ready about ten. You had to get there early if you want to get some Shad, because it sold out fast. Back in the day you could learn more about shad planking by visiting:

July 4th

Every year, there is a traditional small town celebration of July 4th, beginning with a parade. All the town’s fire and rescue vehicles lead the parade, carrying many of the town’s children and parents. These are followed by children and adults on bicycles, lawn mowers, old and new autos, horses and go-carts. This leaves very few town’s people left to watch the parade. The procession ends at the Community Center where there are free hot dogs, refreshments and prizes. (Virtually everyone gets a prize for something or nothing.)

Annual Great Eastern Shore Tomato Festival

Tomato Festival Event of August 2014

August 22, 2015 will be the 4th year for the ‘Great Eastern Shore Tomato Festival‘.

Presented by the Dorchester County Historical Society and the Town of Vienna you can learn more by calling (410) 228-7953 and by visiting our page by clicking here...

We expect to enjoy local tomatoes and traditional foods with live musical entertainment! Learn more here…(click here)

Read about past Tomato Festivals by clicking here…

Annual Nause-Waiwash Native American Festival

Each year there is an annual festival held by the Nause-Waiwash Band of Indians. The Nause-Waiwash Band (pronounced ‘nah-soo WAY-wash’) is comprised of members from over 250 original descendants of Nanticoke Indian villages.

The annual festival began in 1992 and was moved to Vienna, Maryland in 2005 to bring the celebration closer to their original village sites. The Nause-Waiwash Band of Indians organized the Festival ‘for three reasons: to educate the public and hold onto their culture, raise the self-esteem of their people and raise money for their tribal office and longhouse.’

Mark your calendar for September 19th and 20th, 2015! Nause-Waiwash Band of Indians will hold their 23rd Annual Native American Festival at the Ballpark in Vienna, Dorchester County, Maryland. The festival will feature traditional dancers, singers, and drumming, as well as, crafts and artist demonstrations, vendors, and food. Learn more by clicking here…

In 2009, the 17th Annual Native American FestivalCelebration of the Three Eastern Clans - Healing of All Nations‘ was held just around the corner from Tavern House Bed & Breakfast.

Our page just for this event is here (click here), and to learn more, please visit Nause-Waiwash Bank of Indians web site. Additional references are available through the American Indian Society of Washington, D.C. with information and events for over 50 different tribal groups throughout North America, as well as, the eastern shore.

Learn more about other native Maryland Indians at native.BrokenClaw.net. For events of Native Americans try this personal web site by Broken Claw.

Christmas in Vienna

Decking the Halls at Tavern House Bed and BreakfastDecember 19, 2015 will be the 35th Annual Luminaria Night Celebration sponsored by the Vienna Heritage Foundation.

This December also marks Harvey and Elise Altergott’s 30th year opening for Vienna’s luminary celebration. The Altergott’s are also proud to announce that the Tavern House Bed and Breakfast is still celebrating their 30th year in business since opening their doors in October of 1984!

As one of the few historical homes open to the public, perhaps the most impressive feature of Vienna’s celebration has always been walking or riding the tram through Vienna to view over 15,000 luminaria (small white paper bags filled with sand and light a candle) that are placed along Vienna’s sidewalks. Anyone visiting the town during the evening of the 20th can enjoy the illumination of the lumiarias!

Maps will be provided for those who walk the candlelit streets, or you may download Vienna’s Walking Tour Map by clicking here.

Children can meet with Saint Nick and his helpers at the Ferry Toll Collector’s House. Vienna trams will ferry passengers between points of interest which will include the historical Customs House and the Ferry Toll Collector’s House, and community churches which are open for free tours.

The Vienna Heritage Museum will serve as the Official Luminaria Night Headquarters, where information, maps, and tickets for the private home tours may be purchased. The museum will also have displays, demonstrations, refreshments and be the main stop for the tram rides.

Start you Luminary Celebration here. Purchase Tour Tickets, have a treat and more here. Begin Vienna’s 35th Annual Luminaria Celebration at the Museum for treats and maps, and tour tickets. Usually held the last Saturday before Christmas, this year the Luminaria Celebration will be held December 19, 2015 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Tour tickets are available at the Vienna Heritage Museum, 303 Race St.  For more information please call 410.376.3413.

Although the Town of Vienna requires purchasing tickets for rides and tours of private homes, we have always enjoyed opening The Tavern House to share with our neighbors and the public without a ticket.